What a Great Way to Kick Off the 2016 Wild Kids Session!

Last week, the Kindergarteners and 1st graders & the 5th graders started the 2016 Winter Wild Kids Session! Woot woot!

K-1st Grade:

On Monday, we all hiked up a hill where we practiced our dead branch and rock safety. During the hike, we were able to find cool plants and fungi and when it was time to come down the hill, we all enjoyed sliding down. Next, we went on a mini hike to boulders where we were able to practice our rock climbing safety and explore the area. After, we came back to the Meeting Tree to give our appreciations for the day. 

On Thursday, we went on a fun off-trail adventure and courageously slid down a slippery hill using our knowledge about sliding and rock safety. The Junior Counselors and Wild Guides were especially proud of the Wild Kids because they all believed in themselves and were able to conquer the challenge. Then, we gave our appreciations for the day.                                                                                                         

5th Grade:

On Tuesday, we went to one of our favorite Wild Kids spots, the Red Hill. There, we climbed up the hill and slid down it on a bodyboard. Then, we explored a cave and afterwards went back to the Meeting Tree to share our appreciations for the day. 

On Friday, we went on a very long hike all the way to the Mudslides and further, and found a boar trail up a steep hill. We all carefully navigated up the hill and went back a secret way, ending up behind our school's gym! After, we shared our appreciations for the day. 

Be well and be wild,

The Wild Kids Blog Team