Spring Session: Week One

Wise wild words of the week: "We don't have a second or a minute to waste!!"- Solbee (before running off to explore)

The first week of Wild Kids has been a blast! We have our K-2nd grade group and our 6-8th grade group. 


On our first day, we spit up into pods and each had crazy adventures, such as getting caught in wiliwili and having rock jumping contest.  The Wolf of the day was Molly C. for her adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity! 



On our first day, Tuesday, we split up the boys and girls and each went on an exploration. We believe it is important to build strong relationships between middle school and high school students of the same gender, so the group will continue to divide and conquer on Tuesdays, and come together again on Thursdays. 


The boys bushwhacked their way up a ridge and made it to a tall tree in a clearing, then swiftly climbed it and spotted the girls on a different ridge. 


The girls decided to try to get to the top of the ridge before the boys, so we scaled the side of the mountain behind the meeting tree. We trail blazed over a ridge and found some cat (?) poop. We found the boys, but just before our sneak attack, they fled the scene. 

On Thursday there was a epic battle of Capture the Flag and a intense game of Wolfpack. The Wild Kids valiantly worked together to defeat the hunters who had dominated the round. In the end, the kids left worn-out yet satisfied from their wild tournament.