10/21/15 Haunted House Made of Sticks

To the parents’ satisfaction, October 21st was a lot less muddy than our last Wild Kids day. However, that did not deter kids from creating their own mud at the Red Plateau.

On October 21, many Wild Kids wanted to play Wolf Pack, but since we played the game for the majority of Friday, we had the Wild Kids suggest something else to do. The popular vote was to split into groups; one group would go to the Red Plateau to build houses for the Greenies and construct other creative things, and the other group would hike to the waterfall.

On the Red Plateau, we went crazy with our structures. Not only did we build small huts for the Greenies, but we also built kid sized ones for ourselves- we even set up our own little businesses. Since it wasn’t as rainy as other days, we had to create our own mud. Some Wild Kids traded mud for sticks, or flowers for mud- mud was very popular.

Our group that decided to go hiking had a blast as well. Their adventure was also extremely muddy! And, they discovered a new trail to get to the water fall.   

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team