10/16/15 Where did all these wolves come from?

On Friday, October 16, our Wild Kids turned into wild wolves! The  majority of our day was spent playing one of our favorite Wild Kids games- wolf pack!

Wolf pack is a game between wolves, hunters, and environmentalists. The goal for the hunters is to capture all of the wolves and put them in jail. In order to avoid jail, the wolves work together and form packs, just like in the wild. Each pack has its own special call that only the wolves in that specific pack know. To get out of jail, a wolf has to be freed by another wolf or environmentalist. The environmentalists objective is to stop the hunters because the wolves are a protected species. When the hunters are captured, they go to jail, and similarly to the wolves, they need to be freed by another hunter. Like wolves, the packs hide in the foliage and create dens also known as safety spots.

The entire game is fast paced and sometimes can be a little nerve wracking, but while we are playing and after the game is over, we are all still good friends. Wolf pack is one of our favorite games because it creates really strong bonds amongst the packs, hunters, and environmentalists; and each time we play, we switch up the teams, so everyone has an opportunity to be on a certain side and branch out of their prefered groups. Wolf pack also teaches good people’s skills because the guides only decide who the hunters, the wolves, and the environmentalists are. The packs are made by the Wild Kids themselves, and each pack is taught to be super inclusive. Be sure to ask your child what they enjoy most about wolf pack!

The last fifteen minutes of the session were spent sliding down a really big mudslide. It’s always really exciting when it rains because it’s an opportunity to let loose and just enjoy the environment. Having the mud caked onto our faces and clothes was an experience in itself- although rather messy. Unfortunately for our washing machines, it is rainy weather season, so get ready for more muddy clothes!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team