October 14, 2015- Scouts, Sneaks, Camos


The adventures of the Wild Kids’ took a creative turn on the rainy day of October 14. Instead of bounding into rivers and lakes of mud, the Wild Kids Team used the muddy situation to encourage Wild Kid attributes: scouting, stealth, and camouflage.

Our scouts are ambitious, good with direction, and straight up adventurous and undeterred. They find new paths, get lost with the guides and JC’s, and find the magic tree. The scouts of Wild Kids also find new and unexplored territory for the other kids. Today, the scouts followed the stream up the mountain until they found the end! Before embarking on this mission with no set path, we reviewed how to utilize all of our senses while scouting. Of course, the way there was a bit of a mud fight. We asked the kids to use their scout skills to find special items within the forest and use those items for the “scout initiation ceremony.” In this ceremony, the Wild Kids had to jump over a log, whisper a secret into a flower and then were knighted with the magical wand found in the forest.

Sneaky like a cheetah on the hunt, the Wild Kids needed to be quite stealthy in order to see the more magical things the forest hides. In order to tap into that side of the rather rowdy 1st- 3rd graders, a tag like game was initiated between the stealthy kids and the camouflaged kids. The objective of the stealthy kids was to sneak up on the camouflaged kids, being as quiet as possible. Also, to practice this skill, a new game was created where the Junior Counselors (JC’s) would stand with their back to the Wild Kids and the Wild Kids would have to sneak up on them. If one of the JC’s heard them, they would raise their hands. This was perfect practice for seeing Greenies and their communities, since they prefer their quiet lifestyles versus that of the 1st- 3rd graders’.

Hidden in the forest, the Wild Kids on the camouflage team took full advantage of the muddy day. Covering each other from head to toe, the wild camouflagers were practically mud monsters. As mentioned before, the camouflagers were the counterpart of the tag like game, their objective to blend in with their surroundings and hide from the sneakers. Like the stealth kids, the importance of camouflage in Wild Kids is huge. Say you want to watch frogs interact, or simply see the greenies build their art galleries; if you’re camouflaged with your surroundings, you can watch them and they can continue in peace.

All in all, Wild Kids was a blast today! Whether the Wild Kids were in the scout group, the sneak/silence group, or the camouflage group, everyone learned new skills and had fun!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team