Welcome to the 1st- 3rd Grade Wild Kids 2015 Fall Session!


The first few weeks of our Wild Kids 2015 Fall Session have been a blast! Our 1st-3rd grade groups on Wednesdays and Fridays have gone on crazy adventures,  exploring new places in the forest, mud sliding, and a Wild Kid favorite- wolf pack!

You may have heard about the Greenies, the small magical people who live in the forest and protect our planet. They have created secret places that they show us if we’re quiet and respectful of their home. Over the past few weeks, our Wild Kids have been building houses and planning a haunted treehouse for our special green friends. Be sure to ask your Wild Kid about the latest developments between the Greenies, the Brimbles, and other magical creatures of the forest.

We love to see the important friendships developed between our Wild Kids and Junior Counselors (JC’s). If you are on campus, be sure to take a moment to meet the Wild Kid high school leaders. Through their guidance, each Wild Kid grows more everyday in his/her leadership, curiosity, imagination, creativity, and situational awareness.

We will continue to post about the latest Wild Kids news and look forward to the rest of the Wild Kids session!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team