What a Great Way to Kick Off the 2016 Wild Kids Session!

Last week, the Kindergarteners and 1st graders & the 5th graders started the 2016 Winter Wild Kids Session! Woot woot!

K-1st Grade:

On Monday, we all hiked up a hill where we practiced our dead branch and rock safety. During the hike, we were able to find cool plants and fungi and when it was time to come down the hill, we all enjoyed sliding down. Next, we went on a mini hike to boulders where we were able to practice our rock climbing safety and explore the area. After, we came back to the Meeting Tree to give our appreciations for the day. 

On Thursday, we went on a fun off-trail adventure and courageously slid down a slippery hill using our knowledge about sliding and rock safety. The Junior Counselors and Wild Guides were especially proud of the Wild Kids because they all believed in themselves and were able to conquer the challenge. Then, we gave our appreciations for the day.                                                                                                         

5th Grade:

On Tuesday, we went to one of our favorite Wild Kids spots, the Red Hill. There, we climbed up the hill and slid down it on a bodyboard. Then, we explored a cave and afterwards went back to the Meeting Tree to share our appreciations for the day. 

On Friday, we went on a very long hike all the way to the Mudslides and further, and found a boar trail up a steep hill. We all carefully navigated up the hill and went back a secret way, ending up behind our school's gym! After, we shared our appreciations for the day. 

Be well and be wild,

The Wild Kids Blog Team

12/2/15 First Day of High School Wild Kids for 2015-16 School Year!

For our fist day of High School Wild Kids for the 2015-16 school year, we started our adventure hiking into the forest. Then, we came across a tall tree that we climbed in for about half an hour until we continued our climb up the mountain. Since we wanted to find a new trail, we decided to head up to the left and then come down a different way. Along the way, we crawled under bushes and ran into many thorn plants like Wiliwili, but we did manage to find a new path back to campus and end just in time. This was an awesome way to kick off High School Wild Kids for this school year!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax, and the Wild Kids Team

11/5/15 Pack Initiation

Today, the popular vote of the Wild Kids was to play one of our favorite games- Wolf Pack! But, instead of playing the same Wolf Pack we normally do with wolves, environmentalists, and hunters, we decided to be a little more creative. We added a terminator to mix the game up and make it more extreme. Be sure to ask your child what their favorite part of the game was.

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team

10/21/15 Haunted House Made of Sticks

To the parents’ satisfaction, October 21st was a lot less muddy than our last Wild Kids day. However, that did not deter kids from creating their own mud at the Red Plateau.

On October 21, many Wild Kids wanted to play Wolf Pack, but since we played the game for the majority of Friday, we had the Wild Kids suggest something else to do. The popular vote was to split into groups; one group would go to the Red Plateau to build houses for the Greenies and construct other creative things, and the other group would hike to the waterfall.

On the Red Plateau, we went crazy with our structures. Not only did we build small huts for the Greenies, but we also built kid sized ones for ourselves- we even set up our own little businesses. Since it wasn’t as rainy as other days, we had to create our own mud. Some Wild Kids traded mud for sticks, or flowers for mud- mud was very popular.

Our group that decided to go hiking had a blast as well. Their adventure was also extremely muddy! And, they discovered a new trail to get to the water fall.   

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team

10/16/15 Where did all these wolves come from?

On Friday, October 16, our Wild Kids turned into wild wolves! The  majority of our day was spent playing one of our favorite Wild Kids games- wolf pack!

Wolf pack is a game between wolves, hunters, and environmentalists. The goal for the hunters is to capture all of the wolves and put them in jail. In order to avoid jail, the wolves work together and form packs, just like in the wild. Each pack has its own special call that only the wolves in that specific pack know. To get out of jail, a wolf has to be freed by another wolf or environmentalist. The environmentalists objective is to stop the hunters because the wolves are a protected species. When the hunters are captured, they go to jail, and similarly to the wolves, they need to be freed by another hunter. Like wolves, the packs hide in the foliage and create dens also known as safety spots.

The entire game is fast paced and sometimes can be a little nerve wracking, but while we are playing and after the game is over, we are all still good friends. Wolf pack is one of our favorite games because it creates really strong bonds amongst the packs, hunters, and environmentalists; and each time we play, we switch up the teams, so everyone has an opportunity to be on a certain side and branch out of their prefered groups. Wolf pack also teaches good people’s skills because the guides only decide who the hunters, the wolves, and the environmentalists are. The packs are made by the Wild Kids themselves, and each pack is taught to be super inclusive. Be sure to ask your child what they enjoy most about wolf pack!

The last fifteen minutes of the session were spent sliding down a really big mudslide. It’s always really exciting when it rains because it’s an opportunity to let loose and just enjoy the environment. Having the mud caked onto our faces and clothes was an experience in itself- although rather messy. Unfortunately for our washing machines, it is rainy weather season, so get ready for more muddy clothes!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team

10/20/15 This Changes Everything: Movie Excursion

Today, the Wild Kids Junior Counselors went to go see an incredible documentary called This Changes Everything! The movie focuses on the negative effects of climate change, not only how the environment is affected, but how humans are affected as well. In order to reveal the ramifications of climate change, the movie has people recount their personal experiences, making viewers feel compassionate for those who are negatively impacted by climate change.

The Wild Kids Junior Counselors wanted to see this movie because we are all about getting involved and advocating for a better environment. We know that kids will create change for the better and in order to do this, we need to learn as much as possible about what needs to be changed.

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team


October 14, 2015- Scouts, Sneaks, Camos


The adventures of the Wild Kids’ took a creative turn on the rainy day of October 14. Instead of bounding into rivers and lakes of mud, the Wild Kids Team used the muddy situation to encourage Wild Kid attributes: scouting, stealth, and camouflage.

Our scouts are ambitious, good with direction, and straight up adventurous and undeterred. They find new paths, get lost with the guides and JC’s, and find the magic tree. The scouts of Wild Kids also find new and unexplored territory for the other kids. Today, the scouts followed the stream up the mountain until they found the end! Before embarking on this mission with no set path, we reviewed how to utilize all of our senses while scouting. Of course, the way there was a bit of a mud fight. We asked the kids to use their scout skills to find special items within the forest and use those items for the “scout initiation ceremony.” In this ceremony, the Wild Kids had to jump over a log, whisper a secret into a flower and then were knighted with the magical wand found in the forest.

Sneaky like a cheetah on the hunt, the Wild Kids needed to be quite stealthy in order to see the more magical things the forest hides. In order to tap into that side of the rather rowdy 1st- 3rd graders, a tag like game was initiated between the stealthy kids and the camouflaged kids. The objective of the stealthy kids was to sneak up on the camouflaged kids, being as quiet as possible. Also, to practice this skill, a new game was created where the Junior Counselors (JC’s) would stand with their back to the Wild Kids and the Wild Kids would have to sneak up on them. If one of the JC’s heard them, they would raise their hands. This was perfect practice for seeing Greenies and their communities, since they prefer their quiet lifestyles versus that of the 1st- 3rd graders’.

Hidden in the forest, the Wild Kids on the camouflage team took full advantage of the muddy day. Covering each other from head to toe, the wild camouflagers were practically mud monsters. As mentioned before, the camouflagers were the counterpart of the tag like game, their objective to blend in with their surroundings and hide from the sneakers. Like the stealth kids, the importance of camouflage in Wild Kids is huge. Say you want to watch frogs interact, or simply see the greenies build their art galleries; if you’re camouflaged with your surroundings, you can watch them and they can continue in peace.

All in all, Wild Kids was a blast today! Whether the Wild Kids were in the scout group, the sneak/silence group, or the camouflage group, everyone learned new skills and had fun!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team

Welcome to the 1st- 3rd Grade Wild Kids 2015 Fall Session!


The first few weeks of our Wild Kids 2015 Fall Session have been a blast! Our 1st-3rd grade groups on Wednesdays and Fridays have gone on crazy adventures,  exploring new places in the forest, mud sliding, and a Wild Kid favorite- wolf pack!

You may have heard about the Greenies, the small magical people who live in the forest and protect our planet. They have created secret places that they show us if we’re quiet and respectful of their home. Over the past few weeks, our Wild Kids have been building houses and planning a haunted treehouse for our special green friends. Be sure to ask your Wild Kid about the latest developments between the Greenies, the Brimbles, and other magical creatures of the forest.

We love to see the important friendships developed between our Wild Kids and Junior Counselors (JC’s). If you are on campus, be sure to take a moment to meet the Wild Kid high school leaders. Through their guidance, each Wild Kid grows more everyday in his/her leadership, curiosity, imagination, creativity, and situational awareness.

We will continue to post about the latest Wild Kids news and look forward to the rest of the Wild Kids session!

Be well and be wild,

Tai, Jamie, Fairfax and the Wild Kids Team


First Annual Wild Kids Fundraiser- Huge Success!

Thank you to all those who donated and came to our Wild Kids fundraiser! We had a great turnout, and raised enough money for more scholarships than expected. Good eats and fun were highlights of the evening festivities. Again, thank you all for your continuous support of our program!

-Cielle and the Wild Kids Team

Spring Session: Week One

Wise wild words of the week: "We don't have a second or a minute to waste!!"- Solbee (before running off to explore)

The first week of Wild Kids has been a blast! We have our K-2nd grade group and our 6-8th grade group. 


On our first day, we spit up into pods and each had crazy adventures, such as getting caught in wiliwili and having rock jumping contest.  The Wolf of the day was Molly C. for her adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity! 



On our first day, Tuesday, we split up the boys and girls and each went on an exploration. We believe it is important to build strong relationships between middle school and high school students of the same gender, so the group will continue to divide and conquer on Tuesdays, and come together again on Thursdays. 


The boys bushwhacked their way up a ridge and made it to a tall tree in a clearing, then swiftly climbed it and spotted the girls on a different ridge. 


The girls decided to try to get to the top of the ridge before the boys, so we scaled the side of the mountain behind the meeting tree. We trail blazed over a ridge and found some cat (?) poop. We found the boys, but just before our sneak attack, they fled the scene. 

On Thursday there was a epic battle of Capture the Flag and a intense game of Wolfpack. The Wild Kids valiantly worked together to defeat the hunters who had dominated the round. In the end, the kids left worn-out yet satisfied from their wild tournament. 



Our first blog post! Woot woot!

As we are preparing for the upcoming sessions, we celebrated our past fall session with a make up camp-out this weekend (our previously planned dates were rained out). Both nights consisted of many EPIC games of Capture the Flag, s'mores and scary campfire stories!

5th-7th: Friday night

Our 5th-7th grade camp-out on Friday was tons of fun! Some highlights from the evening were Alex Black's terrifying fast crawl, the Wisnom's sheet cake (YUM!) and nighttime Capture the Flag!  In the morning, Ka'imi, one of our JCs, taught us ancient Hawaiian Makahiki games. We had the Mana Masters, Team Joseph, and Team Bobmoa competing for the first ever Makahiki cup for spear throwing. The Mana Masters executed a sneak attack that surprised us all! 

3rd-4th: Saturday Night

We were very proud of the 3rd and 4th graders who arrived on Saturday and helped to put up the tents and set up camp! One of our main goals is to learn and practice self-efficacy, and seeing Wild Kids who packed their own clothes and mess kits was great! We played possibly the longest Capture the Flag game in Wild Kids history, lasting close to an hour before Ryan Lindell made the winning run! Right before bed we enjoyed a beautiful silent night walk under the full moon. 

The icing on the cake was celebrating Giovanni's birthday with a marshmallow-rice crispy treat- brownie creation! Giopunny? I think yes.