2nd-3rd Grade Fresh Air Excursion #1: Judd Trail

Judd Trail: This is a relatively short trail, allowing plenty of time for exploration along the way and swimming at the end.

Please be sure to bring your bathing suit and a towel!

Please look at this link for our weekend packing list.

Directions: We will meet at the trailhead at 9am.

From Kailua on the Pali Highway, turn left on Nu`unau Pali Drive until you reach a concrete bridge. Immediately to your right is an open area in the ironwood trees. This is the trailhead for Judd Trail. Park along the road at the trailhead. NOTE! This is a narrow road with limited line-of-sight areas. Please park responsibly, be aware of vehicular traffic and try to stay out of the road. Caution - this is a high theft area. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Learn more about this trail here.